Bill Wiggin MP with Hereford Hospitals Chief Executive Martin Woodford and the Conservative Party's draft NHS Manifesto

NHS Patients and Staffs will be “a priority for the Conservatives,” declared local MP Bill Wiggin on a visit to Hereford Hospital on Friday (8 January 2010), where he handed a copy of the Conservative Party’s draft NHS manifesto to the Chief Executive Martin Woodford. The manifesto gives more independence to hospitals to run their own affairs and ends the target culture that prevents NHS staff from doing their job. The manifesto also introduces new measures to clamp down on hospital infections such as MRSA and gives patients more power to choose where they are treated.


Bill Wiggin said: “Hereford Hospital’s hard-working staffs do a tremendous job supporting local patients. Under a future Conservative Government, NHS patients and staff will be a priority and Hereford Hospital will benefit from our proposals. Despite the financial mess Labour has left the country in, David Cameron has promised that a Conservative Government will support the NHS and protect its budget. The national deficit will be cut but not NHS spending because the sick should not have to pay for Labour’s failed economic policies.”

Bill also discussed with Mr Woodford the Hospital’s response to the recent Dr Foster report, the growth of the Orthopaedics Department, the Hospital Trusts PFI debt and the increase in cancer care services that will be available at the Hospital’s Charles Renton unit.


Bill said: ” The plans for the new Charles Renton Unit building are very exciting. Everyone at the Hospital and in our community who worked so hard to get these new cancer care services should be congratulated as the new Centre and facilities will make a huge difference to local patients. The unit will mean more local people can receive chemotherapy treatments and in the future Radiotherapy, rather than having to travel outside of the County when they are unwell.


I was also pleased to hear about the excellent work being done by the Orthopaedics Department where Hereford Hospitals reputation for excellence is growing fast.”

“While the recent Dr Foster report has caused some concerns, the Hospital has such fantastic facilities and I am pleased to see that everything is being done to safeguard and meet the demands of the patients. If I or my family were taken ill I would not hesitate to put my trust in our Hospital and the professionals who practice here.”

Commenting on the Hospital’s PFI debt, Bill added:

“Unfortunately the way Labour Government negotiated the PFI contract has saddled the Hospital with a huge PFI debt that hangs around the trusts neck like a millstone. That is why it is so important that the Hospital can bring in new patients by offering services like those that will be available at the Charles Renton unit. Ours is a great hospital with a great future.”

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