Bill Wiggin with a gritter

Local MP Bill Wiggin “I am so proud of local people and the way they have coped in the snow and furious at the Government for the shortage of grit. While everyone locally is doing a tremendous job trying to keep Herefordshire moving in these snowy conditions, we have all been let down by the Government who were scandalously under-prepared. In the summer they received a report on contingency planning for this sort of condition but only bothered to respond once heavy snowfall was predicted. Councils, who have followed guidelines to prepare, are now facing salt shortages and the Government ordering them to ration their supplies by a quarter.”

I was in Leominster and Much Marcle on Friday (8 January 2010) and Saturday and I was delighted by the efforts of the Council staff gritting the County’s main roads. I was pleased to see that the main roads were clear of snow and that the gritters were hard at work. Despite their best efforts, it was clearly not possible for every road, lane and footpath to be gritted and everyone in the County has been very patient and understanding of this situation.

“With people walking on icy pavements, one concern that worried me was the fear expressed by many people who would like to help make their streets safer by clearing snow and gritting the pavements outside their homes but they are frightened to do so in case they are made liable. I believe that helpful people should be able to clear snow without fear of being sued and I am taking the matter up with the Government.

I hope that the weather will improve and that people will take extra care when driving or walking.