“Vote Conservative – Save Cider” It could not be clearer thanks to the Conservative Party winning a vital concession stopping the planned 10% above inflation increase in cider duty.

The Conservatives would only allow the Budget to pass through the House of Commons before Parliament dissolved if concessions were made on the increases in cider duty, the proposed phone tax and taxes on holiday rental homes.

However, although the Government announced that the cider duty increase would be dropped at the end of June so that a new Parliament could vote on it, if re-elected, a Labour Government is pledged to support and implement the duty increase.

Local MP Bill Wiggin said:

“I attacked the Government in my budget speech, I lobbied and briefed members of my party and I am delighted that we have won this concession. The cider industry will only be protected from these massive tax hikes under a Conservative Government. Conservatives have defended cider producers in Herefordshire and have consistently and robustly attacked Labour’s tax plans.

“We are going into the General Election campaigning to support the cider industry with lower taxes whereas the Labour Party is promising to continue with their tax rises on our local cider producers. Not forgetting Gordon Brown’s planned job tax, the national insurance tax increases, local businesses in Herefordshire will be worse off under Labour.”