Local MP Bill Wiggin has applauded the Government’s decision to double the amount of additional funding allocated to Local Highway Authorities for pothole repair.

The announcement, which came in response to the abnormal level of damage to roads this winter, will see Herefordshire awarded an extra £2.4 million in funding for maintaining the county’s worn-out roads. Nationwide, an extra £200 million has now been made available to Councils.

Bill commented,

‘This is excellent news for Herefordshire.

An integrated, effective road network is essential for a dynamic economy and brings countless benefits to drivers.

We are talking about a lot of money and this will make a real difference to the thousands of local motorists who are fed up with costly potholes.

I am particularly pleased that steps have been taken to minimise administrative burdens and promote transparency. Under these proposals all local authorities will have to publish information on their websites by September 2011 showing how the additional money was spent.

This is clearly a clever Budget designed to put petrol back in the tank of Britain’s economy.

Not only will my constituents have safer and smoother journeys, but more affordable ones too. The abolition of Labour’s fuel duty escalator and introduction of a fair fuel stabiliser will have an instant and welcome impact on the cash flow of families as well as businesses.’