Speaking in advance of Carers Week 2011, North Herefordshire MP Bill Wiggin has offered his unreserved support to the initiative and praised its objectives.

This year, the theme for the week is The True Face of Carers’. It calls for greater recognition for the diverse range of people giving up their time, money and health to look after somebody else.

Bill commented, ‘I would like to take this opportunity to recognise the outstanding work performed by Britain’s six million carers. Representing the unsung heroes of our society, each one makes a vital contribution both to their families and the wider community.

In particular, the young people in this country who care for disabled parents sacrifice many irreplaceable aspects of their childhood for the sake of loved ones. Given all the challenges faced by children today, one cannot help but be blown away by the extra load shouldered by these selfless individuals.

In making £400 million available through the NHS over the next four years in order to support funded breaks for carers, this Government has demonstrated a real understanding of the issues at hand.

Working in collaboration with the Eveson Charitable Trust, I have also personally engaged with many groups and institutions devoting their resources to the relief of others. Sharing endless amounts of skill, determination, courage and grit, they deserve our wholehearted admiration and support.

Carers Week has a crucial role to play in raising awareness of these complexities and generating public debate. I would like to congratulate those without whose hard work and dedication such and event would not be possible and wish all participants the very best of success.’