Following a meeting last Tuesday with representatives of Good Energy, an innovative firm with over 40 independent generators spread across Herefordshire, local MP Bill Wiggin has spoken out on rising fuel prices.

He commented, ‘The recent decision by Scottish power to increase its prices was obviously disappointing. However, it underlines the importance of exploring alternatives to a high fossil fuel future.

Under the previous Government gas prices soared by 71 per cent and Britain had the highest dependence on non renewables within the G8. The number of households living in fuel poverty rose drastically whereas Labour had broken not one, but two, manifesto promises to reduce carbon emissions.

That, quite frankly, is a shocking legacy.

By contrast, the Coalition is committed to improving energy efficiency and helping families cope with the rising cost of living.

Our ground-breaking Green Deal alone will deliver savings of £550 a year to the least economical households whilst creating up to a quarter of a million jobs in the insulation industry.

Increasing our consumption of clean energy will make families and businesses in Herefordshire much less susceptible to shock fluctuations in oil and gas prices. It is no longer a case of having to choose between the economy and the environment – a diverse mix of sources benefits both’.