Local MP Bill Wiggin has welcomed the findings of an independent review, published last week, focused on the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood.

The Bailey Review was established by the Government in December 2010. In doing so it honoured a firm commitment to tackle the disconcerting trend which has recently seen padded bras for girls as young as eight and racy televised performances well in advance of the 9pm watershed. 

Bill Wiggin MP commented, ‘This is an excellent report with a number of robust recommendations.’

‘Clearly, we should not try and wrap our children up in cotton wool. But nor can we just stand by and watch as they become the victims of reckless marketing and premature sexualisation.

This Government is committed to achieving real results –  not just pulling levers in Whitehall or passing toothless new legislation, as Labour would have done. Families, representatives, businesses, broadcasters and society as a whole must work together in order to put the brakes on this disturbing drift.

In particular, I am delighted that the review encourages parents to make their voices heard. We are the experts on what is most appropriate for our children and yet, all too often, lack the confidence to speak out.

I will be giving my full support to the Coalition in its efforts to secure a more family-friendly society.’