Local MP Bill Wiggin has responded resolutely to last week’s report by the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC).

The independent inquiry revealed new evidence of how the previous Labour Government squandered money on Whitehall – branding it a “recipe for rip-offs”.

Examples of the waste include over-reliance on large contractors and a lack of in-house skills.

The Committee’s findings follow earlier criticism of Labour’s failed IT projects in the both the NHS, a scheme which eventually ran to £12bn, and six government departments.

Only last March Tony Blair’s former IT chief Ian Watmore said Labour ministers ordered costly computer projects because they wanted their policies to “sound sexy”.

Happily, PASC concluded that, “the current government seems determined to succeed where others have failed and we are greatly encouraged by its progress to date”.

North Herefordshire MP Bill Wiggin commented: “It is simply outrageous that, even in the midst of a recession, Labour were treating taxpayers’ hard earned money with such utter contempt.

Their procurement was naive, ill-conceived and overly ambitious.

Moreover, every penny wasted at Whitehall could have been better spent of vital frontline services. Services people in Herefordshire rely on.

That is why we are committed to championing choice, boosting efficiency and opening up to new providers. This Government is about outcomes – not ego.”