Local MP Bill Wiggin has given his total support to plans for a Hereford Bull statue in High Town.

Bill, himself a breeder of Hereford cattle, praised the project for its potential to inspire residents and visitors alike.

Herefords are one of the UK’s oldest native beef breeds. Their origins can be traced back nearly 300 years, to when pioneering local farmer Benjamin Tomkins pursued the unique coat and markings of a ‘Silver’ cow inherited from his father’s estate, before gaining popularity in the 19th century.

The Hereford Herd Book Society was established in 1878 by Hampton Court’s J H Arkwright under the patronage of Queen Victoria. It has now been closed for 125 years to any animal whose sire or dam is not previously entered.

There are currently more than five million pedigree Herefords in 50 countries around the world.

Bill commented:

‘This is a really terrific idea. The choice of a Hereford Bull not only celebrates our unique heritage but also makes a bold statement of intent.  

Herefords are truly magnificent animals know for their strength, adaptability, resilience and productivity. The symbolism would be elegent and appropriate

I feel deeply attached to this breed and, although the cost would be an issue, would personally like to see statues situated in both Hereford and Leominster.

Whatever the decsion, this inspiring project can count on my wholehearted support. Our cattle are the best in the world and we of all people should be celebrating their success.