Bill Wiggin MP Says Constituents Come First

Boundary Commission for England Publishes Initial Proposals

Bill commented: “As with any boundary proposals, my first concern is for my constituents.

Having been elected in place of Peter Temple Morris over ten years ago the thought of losing some of my constituents is deeply saddening.

I have tremendous pride and affection  not only for my constituency but also the delightful people who live in it. Nevertheless, I fully support the Government’s plans to reduce the number of MPs and even out the population in seats.

The changes recommended for Ledbury, Malvern, Leominster and Hereford are clearly significant. Oddly, the Boundary Commission took away Tenbury Wells at the last General Election, but now they are returning it.

If the proposals go through unaltered then it will not be possible to represent exactly the same area again. I have served northern Herefordshire since 2001 – making friends, achieving real results and winning over 51% of the vote. It would be very sad to see this successful partnership come to an end.

However, it is important to remember that these are just initial proposals and nothing is set in stone.

Boundary reviews are, in essence, about dividing up people – not places. My top priority is making sure that local residents are happy with the outcome.

I would urge everyone with something to say to get involved in the consultation process. The Boundary Commission does not have a monopoly on local knowledge and feedback is vital.

 I promise to be with you every step of the way.”


The independent Boundary Commission for England (BCE) has today – Tuesday 13 September – published provisional details for each of the country’s 502 parliamentary constituencies.

The proposals, which came out at midnight, amount to the most radical reconfiguration of the Parliamentary map in over generation.

There now follows a 12 week period consultation period encompassing both written and oral representations. The latter will take the form of ‘public hearings’ each lasting no longer than two days.

As a consequence of criteria set out in the Parliamentary Voting Systems and Constituencies Act 2011 every constituency in Great Britain, save several specific exceptions, is required have an electorate no smaller than 72,810 and no larger than 80,473. Separate calculations apply in Northern Ireland.

All four Boundary Commissions must submit their final reports to the Government before 1 October 2013.

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