Bill last week joined a meeting of the Herefordshire Wheelchair User Group at the TPG DisableAids conference rooms in Hereford.

The North Herefordshire MP, who has run a longstanding campaign for better disabled access, was keen to learn more about the practical and personal challenges faced not only by local wheelchair users but also their carers, family and friends.

This month’s meeting focused on the NHS Herefordshire Wheelchair Repair & Maintenance Contract – which is currently out to tender.

Speaking afterwards Bill commented, ‘It was a pleasure and a privilege to participate in this important discussion.

The Herefordshire Wheelchair User Group is a small but dedicated organisation doing some fantastic work. By giving wheelchair users a voice, taking the initiative on service provision and actively engaging with policymakers its members are making a vital – yet often overlooked – contribution to local society.

I firmly believe that disabled people must have the same choices, and the same opportunities, as everyone else.

This Government is determined to champion an inclusive, positive and innovative way forward: together, with groups like this, I am confident that we can make a real difference.’

Miss Angela Brown, a member of the Herefordshire Wheelchair Users Group, added, ‘Wheelchair issues have, within the wider landscape of things, suffered from an ambush of neglect. Like a Cinderella service it struggles to register in the public’s perception.

We really appreciated Bill taking the time to come and helping to raise the Group’s profile’


Learn more about The Herefordshire Wheelchair Users Group by calling 01432 363903 or contact Chairman Jim Lawes directly on 01432 350765