Bill is backing Carers UK’s national campaign for carers’ rights – urging people looking after for ill or disabled loved ones to access all the resources they are entitled to.

Today, Friday 2nd December, is Carers Rights Day 2011. The theme of ‘money matters’ reflects the harsh reality that, without support, carers can end in debt, struggling to pay essential bills and or even physically unwell themselves due to the associated stress.

Bill Wiggin MP commented;

‘There are over 19,000 carers in Herefordshire saving the economy around £331 million a year.

These unsung heroes show incredible courage and commitment, routinely putting others before themselves or making poignant sacrifices for the sake of loved ones.

It is of the utmost importance that, in return, everything possible is done to make sure that carers of all ages have access to clear, information and advice about the support available to them.

Those interested in seeking help or guidance should not hesitate to get in touch with Carers UK on 0808 808 7777 or via the website.

Equally, I am standing by ready to help anyone struggling to claim these vital benefits.’

Emily Holzhausen, Director of Policy at Carers UK said;

“Nearly three quarters of carers are financially worse-off as a result of caring, with many falling into financial hardship and debt. Yet around £840 million per year in carers benefits go unclaimed.

In this tough economic climate, it is crucial that carers receive clear information on what they are entitled to, and how to claim it.”