Local MP Bill Wiggin has praised Herefordshire PCT for its strong track record in diagnosing and treating cancer compared to England as a whole.

Statistics released by Cancer Research UK suggest the county ranks above average on a range of measures including one-year survival rates, referral and waiting times.

Bill commented, ‘Every year 250,000 people in England are told they have cancer and about 1.8 million people are living with – or beyond – a diagnosis.

Facing any one of this complex set of diseases is a daunting, demanding and often life-changing experience.

I delighted by the statistics provided today by Cancer Research UK, which show Herefordshire PCT performing strongly almost across the board and speak of a real determination to beat cancer.

Early detection is absolutely crucial and I am particularly pleased to see that local NHS organisations are delivering on both cervical cancer screening coverage for younger women and waiting times.

When it is a matter of life and death, however, we must not settle for anything other than the very best outcomes.

There is still room for improvement and this Government is committed to doing everything possible to increase survival rates, raise public awareness and enhance the quality of life for those enduring long term conditions.

By awarding Herefordshire over £8 million in additional funding for 2012/13 it has taken a significant step towards making these crucial goals a reality.

The outlook for people with cancer in Herefordshire is undoubtedly getting better: what we want is to make it better still’.