Transport Minister Mike Penning has accepted Bill’s invitation to take a closer look at plans for a Hereford City by-pass.

The development follows a backlash against Council leader John Jarvis – who last autumn ruled out an eastern route owing to environmental considerations.

On hearing the news Bill Wiggin MP commented, ‘I’m delighted that the Minister has agreed to this essential meeting.

There remain real concerns about a western route, which would be longer and more expensive than any alternative scheme to the east of Hereford.

Good transport links are crucial for a dynamic regional market – helping to ease congestion, improve journey times and advance road safety. But investment on this scale comes at a high price and there is no room for doubt once construction is underway.

We absolutely must get this decision right first time round. For the sake not only of our county but also its taxpayers, ecology and economy.

I look forward to a candid and open-minded discussion on this crucial issue’.