Bill is celebrating Commonwealth Week 2012 by encouraging local residents to take part in the ‘Jubilee Time Capsule’ – an ambitious digital project designed as a gift for Her Majesty the Queen.

Members of the public are being asked to submit videos, photos or text about a memorable day between 6 February 1952 (Accession Day) and 6 June 2012.

The very best entries will be arranged into a ‘Diamond Collection’ before being formally presented later in the year. Winning contributors can also expect to receive a prize.

Bill said, “The Diamond Jubilee is a special occasion celebrating the life and work of a truly remarkable person.

For 60 years our Queen has served these nations with grace, dignity and devotion. A ‘people’s history’ is a lovely way of exploring that legacy.

I would also like to wish Commonwealth Week every success – both here and throughout the international community.”

To date the scheme has received more than 23,000 entries from people in 41 different Commonwealth countries. Submissions can be made online at