Bill has recently given his backing to a campaign to better support the victims, friends and families of road crash accidents.

He commented that ‘The number of fatalities on British roads has generally been declining since the mid-1990s. However, the battle is far from over.’

‘Hundreds of accidents still happen every day and all too often victims feel that they have become an afterthought in the process.’

In 2010 there were 7 fatalities and 54 serious injuries recorded on roads in Herefordshire alone. This is in addition to the 582 lesser injuries suffered by road users during that period.

With this in mind Bill has given his backing to the drive for increased awareness, which was organised by road safety charity Brake and launched at a Parliamentary reception on Wednesday 4th July.

Mr Wiggin went on to say that ‘this Government is working hard to improve our already strong safety record, provide victims with the right services and make sure that support is properly targeted.’

Last week the Ministry for Justice announced that offenders would be forced to pay £50 million a year to help victims recover from the trauma caused by serious crime. This is on top of the £66 million the central Government already spends on victim and witness support services each year.