Bill is working to raise the profile of a new service recently launched by the Care Quality Commission.

From now onwards people can sign-up for email alerts keeping them informed about when the Care Quality Commission plans to inspect, or publish a report on, specific health and social locations they are interested in.

Commenting on the changes Bill explained,

“This new digital tool is definitely a step in the right direction, helping people access up-to-date and reliable information on the services and providers which matter most to them.

We all want to be sure that the care we receive, or arrange for loved ones, is the best possible in terms of quality. Email alerts are an excellent way of reaching a wider audience and ensuring that customers have all the facts they need when it comes to making a decision.”

All health and social care is required to meet the essential standards of quality and safety set out by law. It is the Care Quality Commission’s job, as the independent regulator, to register and inspect services to check that they are meeting those criteria.

They carry out unannounced inspections of services, both on a regular basis and in response to concerns, as well as investigating why care fails to improve. The new email alerts will automatically inform recipients when the organisation carries out an inspection or publishes a report about a location they have signed-up to.