Bill has written twice to Herefordshire Council urging its members to move forward on the issue of Knapp Lane in Ledbury.

He revived the idea of a plan, first put forward several years ago but never acted on, whereby Herefordshire Council would purchase part of the adjoining land and carry out all necessary repairs. The road could then be widened and possibly a pavement installed.

Knapp Lane has been closed to motorists since late September due to fears about a crumbling wall at its junction with the Homend.

Speaking on the situation Bill commented,

‘Knapp Lane has always been a busy road and Ledbury’s residents deserve the best solution in terms of safety.

That is why I have written twice to Herefordshire Council asking them to look into the possibility of buying a small part of the land running alongside it.

If this proves acceptable then local homeowners would not have to foot the bill for repairs, the immediate source of danger would be removed and Knapp Lane itself could be widened. There should be room for a pavement, giving us all improved access.

This could have happened last time the wall collapsed many years ago but the opportunity was missed. Now the chance has come round again and I strongly feel it is time to think about putting a long term solution in place.’