Bill is working with Hereford Sixth Form College (HSFC) to promote their innovative e-learning package ‘E-Driver’ targeted at young drivers and their passengers.

Last week he set the ball rolling by tabling a Prime Minister’s Question on road safety, writing to the Secretary of State for Education and formally submitting an Early Day Motion (EDM) drumming up support amongst fellow Members of Parliament.

Like many others across the country, Hereford Sixth Form College has seen students injured or killed on the roads. Nationally only one in eight driver licence holders is 25 or under yet one in three of those who die fall within this age range.

To help combat this alarming trend Deputy Principal, Dr Ruth Brinton pioneered E-Driver, which was designed and developed by Direct Learning in association with HSFC, Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service, West Mercia Police and Silva Productions.

The fully interactive programme is already being rolled-out amongst prison education programmes with the ultimate aim being to get E-Driver adopted, free of charge, by every school sixth form and college in the UK.

Bill commented,

In the UK only one in eight licence holders are aged 25 or under, yet one in three drivers who die are under 25. Twenty percent of new drivers have a crash within six months of passing their test.

These are frightening figures which can’t be ignored. Dr Ruth Brinton and her team at Hereford Sixth Form College have done a fantastic job pioneering E-Driver and winning over their students. Having sat down and completed the programme myself I can say with confidence that it is accessible, effective and extremely hard hitting.

I don’t normally do EDMs but in this case I have made an exception. Too many bright young lives are lost needlessly on our roads. Knowing the risks can make all the difference and that is why I am giving this important initiative my full support.

Dr Ruth Brinton said,

I am so grateful to Bill, my own MP, for the intense support he is offering in the promotion of E-Driver. The aim of the programme is clear – to reduce the number of young fatalities on our roads. The programme is readily accessible on-line at’