Bill paid tribute to Margaret Thatcher this week.

“Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister. She was a tremendous and mighty patriot, leader and champion for our country”

He said “It is right that Prime Minister David Cameron asked the Speaker to recall MPs and Lords to Parliament for 2.30pm on Wednesday, April 10, to pay tribute to the former Prime Minister.

So I am here in Westminster and looking forward to the speeches, in an appropriate tribute to the ‘Iron Lady’ of British politics.

To me there was never any doubt about her spirit, her belief, her patriotism and her determination to put the British people first.

I was deeply impressed by her strength and determination.

I think that this is where the Trade Unions miscalculated.

After the Heath Government was brought down, she directly challenged the miners’ power to influence the country as it should always be the electorate and not the Trade Unions who decide what happens. I remember the power cuts and later watching on television the painful and tough battles on the streets which pitted brave Police against striking miners led by “King” Arthur Scargill.

Nobody could watch that without feeling for the families on both sides.

Margaret Thatcher was always on the side of aspiring British people, giving them the right to buy their council houses, and allowing them not only access to the property ladder but also to take responsibility for their own homes.

Together she and Ronald Reagan fought against communism, the might of the Soviet Union and together they brought it down and with it the symbolic Berlin Wall.

She served longer than any other modern Prime Minister, winning three General Elections. I believe that this was because she never lost sight of what was necessary, important and empowering for British people.

I first met her as a child when she kindly gave me biscuits and then more often in Westminster. There was always a steely glint in her eye and a sense of determination.

We should not forget that Dennis Thatcher also played a vital part supporting her through the long and difficult days where she fought to protect our country.

I also appeared in the film of The Iron Lady, in which Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her portrayal of “Mrs T” but I felt the film did not do justice to her successes.

I remember that whilst she was Prime Minister, I always knew that Britain was safe. She would not give in to pressure from bullying.

We saw that with the Falklands War and her popularity rose because of it. On the Falkland Islands on Tuesday flags flew at half mast as the islanders praised ‘their Winston Churchill.’

Her influence was not just limited to the Conservative party, she had a huge impact on her political opponents and they adapted following her success.

She was a truly global statesman who powerfully fought for her beliefs and transformed this country from being “the poor man of Europe”. Baroness Thatcher always acted in the UK’s best interests changing society in ways very few other Prime Ministers can claim to have achieved.”