As British waters came under threat from the Spanish, Bill Wiggin MP questioned the Government on possible collusion between Spain and Argentina.

On Wednesday 20 November a debate was held in the House of Commons after an urgent question about a Spanish vessel which made an unlawful incursion into British territorial waters – coming within 250 metres of Gibraltar Harbour.

Bill Wiggin MP for North Herefordshire said: “It appears that the Spanish and the Argentineans egg one another on over our disputes. What is his department doing to encourage Spain’s other allies to dissuade them from putting their seaman’s lives at risk?”

Mark Simmonds, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, said: “This is part of the effort that we are putting in to providing evidence to the EU commission so that they can take a responsible role in changing Spanish behaviour.

“He raised an interesting point about the thought of cooperation between Spain and Argentina and despite the threat from the Spanish Foreign Minister there has been no visible cooperation between Spain and Argentina at the UN General Assembly in 2013.

“What needs to be absolutely clear is both peoples of the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar have expressed a democratic wish to remain British.”

After the debate Bill Wiggin MP said: “I am pleased to receive assurances from the Minister.

“I would urge the Government to do everything they can to protect the people of Gibraltar – who as the Minister rightly said have asserted time and again their wish to remain British.”