Bill Wiggin MP took to the floor twice in yesterday’s debate on the Badger Cull.

North Herefordshire MP Bill Wiggin made two interventions during a very busy debate in Westminster Hall on Wednesday 11 December on the future of the Badger Cull.

Bill intervened at first with Labour MP Chris Williamson, of Derby North, who had called the debate.

He said: “I wish to take up the hon. Gentleman’s point about doing the same thing over and over again. My guess is that there are about 365,000 badgers in this country, and they would need to be vaccinated annually.

“I would like to support vaccination, but how on earth will we vaccinate 1,000 badgers a day just to keep the population healthy?”

Later in the debate Bill Wiggin MP said: “My constituents are deeply concerned about the issue, as everyone knows. We have to explain to farmers why someone is taking away the cattle, but doing nothing about the badgers at the end of the field. What progress is the Minister making on a DIVA test?”

George Eustice, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said: “We are working on a DIVA test, but, as hon. Members pointed out, it will probably take eight to 10 years to get a licensed vaccine for cattle.”

Bill Wiggin MP and Dr Brian May
Bill Wiggin MP and Dr Brian May

After the debate Bill Wiggin MP said: “I remain open minded about this issue and I understand the strength of feeling there is against the badger cull. Before yesterday’s Westminster Hall debate I met with legendary Queen guitarist Brian May and representatives of Team Badger to hear their case.

“I would like to support vaccination, but there is not an available cattle vaccination and the current badger vaccination is ineffective and difficult to administer.

“I think the only option we have left to eradicate bovine TB in this country, which is so damaging to our farmers, is a combination of culling and other measures.”