Bill Wiggin MP questioned the Prime Minister before Christmas pressing for fairer treatment of rural areas like North Herefordshire.

Bill Wiggin MP met with the Prime Minister before the Houses of Parliament rose for Christmas recess, on the same day the Local Government Settlement was announced, about the fairness of the Governments’ treatment of people living in rural areas.

Bill with David Cameron
Bill with David Cameron

Bill Wiggin MP for North Herefordshire said: “During my meeting with the Prime Minister I raised the Local Government Settlement which I don’t think is generous enough to rural communities, especially Herefordshire which is already struggling.

“I also raised modulation of the Single Farm Payment as my concern is that farmers will get less money than they need from Europe, just when we need to keep British farmers on a level playing field.

“I am also greatly concerned about the unfairness of financing for rural schools as urban schools still receive far more per capita.

“The Prime Minister told me I would be pleasantly surprised in the New Year, although we will have to wait to see how things are finally decided.

“I felt it was helpful for the Prime Minister to know, before he sits down to his Christmas lunch, that people in rural communities are looking to this Government to balance fairly every penny they spend so the bias against rural communities is brought to an end.”