I was recently sent these tips on how to reduce your energy bills by Elizabeth Finn Care which you may find useful:

1.    Do a benefits calculation

75% would not know to check their entitlement to benefits

Only one in four of those surveyed would check their eligibility for welfare benefits or tax credits if they were unable to cope with their energy bills

You, like many people, may be missing out on financial help that you are entitled to through welfare benefits. Turn2us’ easy-to-use Benefits Calculator may be of help to you if you are unemployed and looking for work, on a low income, retired, bringing up children, ill, have a disability or care for someone.
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2.    Search for grants that can help

Only 12% would know to check what charitable help is available

 Financial assistance and other forms of support are often available from grant-giving charities, depending on where you live, your background and circumstances.

» Start a grants search

3.    Get help with bills

68% on low incomes who struggled with their bills experienced stress

One in seven have considered taking out a payday loan to help with energy bills

Find out about payments, discounts and charitable trusts set up by some energy companies that can help with the cost of energy bills and reducing energy debts.
» Find out about schemes that help with energy bills and debts

4.    Get help to improve energy efficiency

Just over a fifth experienced ill health due to cold homes

30% of respondents claim that their energy bills exceed £100 a month

Discover the financial help that may be available to you if you want to make your home more energy efficient.
» Find out about schemes that help with improving energy efficiency

5.    Check your energy tariff

11% of employed people had to use payday loans

One in seven people have never checked their energy tariff

Join MoneySavingExpert’s free Cheap Energy Club to check you are on the best tariff and how to switch your energy supplier if you find a better deal.
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6.    Reduce energy use

47% of disabled people have been forced to cut back on food or skip meals

Only 52% of those suffering from fuel poverty have taken measures to cut fuel consumption

Read some tips on how to save energy.
» Simple tips on how to save energy