Bill Wiggin MP called for equal treatment for badgers and cattle to tackle bovine TB.

Bill Wiggin MP for North Herefordshire made a speech and a number of interventions during the backbench business debate on the Badger Cull on Thursday 13 March.

After the debate Bill Wiggin MP said: “I regret that the Backbench Business Committee granted permission for today’s debate on the Badger Cull. I believe we should not hold debates in the House based on leaked reports, especially before the conclusions of such a report are published.

“Since the debate did go ahead I felt it was important to speak up for my constituents and farmers who are still fighting the effects of bovine TB.

“I want to be very clear that I support vaccination, however I feel very strongly that what we do for one species we should do for another.

“If we are to cull infected cattle, I believe we should cull infected badgers.

“If we can vaccinate badgers, I believe we should also vaccinate cattle.

“We are not going to be able to control bovine TB and its spread unless we treat the species involved, cattle and badgers, in the same way.

“The Government suggest that a cattle vaccine is currently not possible, but perhaps that will change after the EU referendum the Prime Minister will hold before the end of 2017.”