Bill Wiggin MP met with representatives of Heineken UK in Parliament today to discuss the company’s plans for Herefordshire.

On Thursday 20 March, the day after cider duty was frozen and the cider duty escalator was scrapped, Bill Wiggin MP for North Herefordshire met with David Patterson and Jeremy Beadles of Heineken UK in the Houses of Parliament.

Amongst the items discussed were low alcohol ciders, responsible drinking and investment and community projects in Herefordshire.

Bill Wiggin MP said: “We discussed what more could be done for Herefordshire and especially the people of Ledbury who put up with the large number of lorries full of apples.

“I know the Bulmers Foundation does a very good job, but we want to see more of that type of work in the areas where the apples are grown – as well as in cities.

“We discussed the possibility of more community projects; I asked if they would consider producing some apple varieties with strong links to Herefordshire which could be interesting for communities and inner cities.

“I was pleased to hear about the investment taking place in Herefordshire and I raised the point of whether or not there could be more collection points for apple growers in the western side of the county.

“I support the Golden Apple Awards and we discussed if there could be more awards for good growers.”

Thanks to measures in the spring budget duties on ordinary cider have been frozen. A typical pint of cider will be three pence cheaper than under the last Government’s plans (HM Treasury, Budget 2014, 19 March 2014).