Bill Wiggin MP is delighted Herefordshire has been awarded over £3 million to tackle potholes.

The Government recently announced additional funding of £183.5 million for local highway authorities in England to help repair damage to the road networks.

That funding has now been allocated with Herefordshire Council awarded £3,538,803, the highest award in the West Midlands.

Bill Wiggin MP said: “I am delighted with the award of this funding. We desperately need to act to fix the potholes on our roads to make the county safe again for cyclists and motorists.

“In November I wrote to the Secretary of State for Transport on this matter, I have since corresponded with the Government and Herefordshire Council too. I also have a meeting arranged in the coming weeks with Balfour Beatty on this matter.

“I welcome the £3.5 million and I am particularly pleased that Herefordshire has received the most funding in the West Midlands.”

The spring budget revealed that an extra £168 million, on top of the £183.5 million fund, will be provided in the next financial year to authorities in England to help fix potholes. That funding will be allocated through a bid based Fund, with further guidance on the application process published in the coming weeks.

Patrick McLoughlin MP Secretary of State for Transport said: “Potholes are a blight that can damage cars and disrupt journeys and I hope that these measures help to reassure you how seriously we are taking the issue.

“Overall, during this parliament, the current government will invest £4.5 billion on local roads maintenance. That is over £800m more than Labour spent in the last parliament, with investment set to continue rising in the next one too.”