Bill Wiggin MP kept the pressure up on Balfour Beatty this week to fix Herefordshire’s roads.

Potholes were the order of the day on Friday March 28 when Bill Wiggin MP for North Herefordshire took Andy Williams, Contract Director at Balfour Beatty, and Richard Ball, Assistant Director of Place Based Commissioning at Herefordshire Council, on a tour of Ledbury pointing out potholes that have caused misery to cyclists and motorists.

Bill Wiggin MP said: “As highlighted in our local newspapers potholes in Herefordshire are not just an irritation for road users, they are causing serious accidents where people are getting hurt.

“I am doing everything I can to keep this issue on the agenda and to secure more money from the Government.

“I felt it was very important to meet with Balfour Beatty and Herefordshire Council, particularly after we have had additional funding for Herefordshire, to ensure everything that can be done is being done to tackle this problem.

Bill took representatives from Balfour Beatty on a tour of Ledbury to point out the terrible state of the roads.
Bill took representatives from Balfour Beatty on a tour of Ledbury to point out the terrible state of the roads.

“I used Ledbury as an example to show Mr Williams and Mr Ball the damage that has been done to our roads, particularly Ledbury High Street which is an embarrassment.

“No community in my constituency has escaped the potholes. I have travelled across North Herefordshire in recent weeks looking at the condition of the roads in villages such as Uphampton, where repairs have been carried out.

“To make matters worse Balfour Beatty claim almost 600 miles of road in the county is in urgent need of maintenance.

“There is however some good news, the Government’s recent announcement that Herefordshire was awarded £3,538,803 for road repairs, the highest award in the West Midlands, was extremely welcome.

“I was pleased that Balfour Beatty confirmed to me on Friday that this funding will help them repair some of our most urgent problems, yet there is still a huge amount of work to be done.

“I will continue to do all I can to keep this issue on the agenda, and our county councillors are also working hard, but I need to keep the pressure up to keep people safe.”

Additional Government funding of £183.5 million for local highway authorities in England to help repair damage to the road networks has been allocated with Herefordshire Council awarded £3,538,803.