Bill Wiggin MP spoke up about the problems of selling puppies and kittens this week.

Bill Wiggin MP added his voice to the fight against abuse in this trade that happens in so called puppy ‘farms’.

Bill Wiggin MP raised the concerns of many North Herefordshire residents who wish to see the end to this commercial breeding, which completely ignores the welfare of the puppies.

Bill with RSPCA Inspector Matt Gough
Bill with RSPCA Inspector Matt Gough

In a House of Commons debate on Thursday 4th September, Bill Wiggin MP again spoke up against this trade and at the same time called for caution in attacking sellers, so that responsible breeders were not mistaken for ‘farms.’

Bill Wiggin MP said, ‘Most animal lovers, if their dog has puppies, will want them to go to good loving homes. We have to be careful that whilst targeting commercial puppy farms we don’t unduly target responsible dog owners.’

Following the debate Bill Wiggin MP wants more to be done by both the RSPCA and the Government, to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the puppy trade.

The campaign group PupAid recommends that the best way to reduce the chances of buying from a puppy farm, is to make sure you see the puppy in the company of its mother before purchase.

Bill Wiggin MP said: ‘I urge people to take this advice on buying a puppy, and ensure that they see it interacting with its mother. This is a good check that a puppy has come from a good home.

I also want to make it easier for people considering getting a rescue dog in need of a good home, rather than spending many hundreds of pounds on a puppy.’

Bill Wiggin MP is this week meeting representatives of animal welfare charities, to continue discussions on protecting the welfare of puppies and efforts to reduce the current pressure that oversubscribed dog rescue centres are under.

For more information on PupAid or the RSPCA’s campaign on the puppy trade, see these links: