Bill Wiggin MP said: “Today in Parliament MPs of all parties continue to discuss the Prime Minister’s motion to launch air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq only.

Tonight I have decided after listening to the debate to support the Government motion and vote to support air strikes in Iraq.

I have been reassured by the wording of the motion (enclosed below) that all action will be restricted to Iraq and will not involve Syria – in line with last year when I refused to support the Government for bombing in Syria.

It is very important that this action has a legal basis and we have that in the direct request for help from the Iraqi Government.

It is also vital the UK will not be acting alone, instead we will be joining a coalition of Gulf States, European countries and the USA in tackling Islamic State.

Islamic State is an evil regime that has been killing large numbers of people, massacring minorities such as Christians and beheading people like British aid worker David Haines and they will continue to do so unless they are stopped.

Now the rest of the world is moving to act it is only right that we in the UK should carry our part of the burden with air strikes against this terrorist organisation.”


That this House condemns the barbaric acts of ISIL against the peoples of Iraq including the Sunni, Shia, Kurds, Christians and Yazidi and the humanitarian crisis this is causing; recognises the clear threat ISIL poses to the territorial integrity of Iraq and the request from the Government of Iraq for military support from the international community and the specific request to the UK Government for such support; further recognises the threat ISIL poses to wider international security and the UK directly through its sponsorship of terrorist attacks and its murder of a British hostage; acknowledges the broad coalition contributing to military support of the Government of Iraq including countries throughout the Middle East; further acknowledges the request of the Government of Iraq for international support to defend itself against the threat ISIL poses to Iraq and its citizens and the clear legal basis that this provides for action in Iraq; notes that this motion does not endorse UK air strikes in Syria as part of this campaign and any proposal to do so would be subject to a separate vote in Parliament; accordingly supports Her Majesty’s Government, working with allies, in supporting the Government of Iraq in protecting civilians and restoring its territorial integrity, including the use of UK air strikes to support Iraqi, including Kurdish, security forces’ efforts against ISIL in Iraq; notes that Her Majesty’s Government will not deploy UK troops in ground combat operations; and offers its wholehearted support to the men and women of Her Majesty’s armed forces.