Bill Wiggin MP handed over the petition against the removal of Fownhope phone mast this week.

Bill Wiggin MP met the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State at the Department for Culture Media and Sport, on Tuesday 21 October about mobile phone signal and the removal of a proposed phone mast for Fownhope.

During the meeting Mr Wiggin handed over a petition, with over 300 signatures, to the Secretary of State about the cancellation of plans for a mobile phone mast in Fownhope.

Mr Wiggin said: “I had a very positive meeting with the Secretary of State. As a result he has asked Ofcom to specifically go to Fownhope to check the strength of the mobile signal, rather than relying on data maps provided by the phone operators.

Fownhope petition handover 2
Bill Wiggin MP hands over the petition to The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP Secretary of Sate for DCMS

Although this does not necessarily mean Fownhope mast will be approved, it does mean that the decision on whether to proceed or not will instead be based on accurate data, which I very much welcome.

His Department is also going to push ahead and try to tackle roaming in areas where the signal is poor.

At the moment someone from France holidaying in Herefordshire, whose phone is set to roam while they are abroad, will have a better mobile signal than a Herefordian.

I agree with the Secretary of State that this is not fair or satisfactory.

It was very successful meeting yesterday and I will keep up the fight for Fownhope and improved mobile phone signal in Herefordshire.”