Bill Wiggin MP supported the Homes for Britain campaign this week.

On Tuesday 4 November Bill Wiggin MP for North Herefordshire met with representatives of National Housing Federation, National House Building Council and Residential Landlords Association and many more as he supported the Homes for Britain campaign.

Bill Wiggin MP said: “Ensuring that people have access to good housing is a local issue in North Herefordshire, but it must also continue to be a national priority.

Bill Wiggin MP Homes for Britain campaign

There is a shortage of housing across the county and we still aren’t building enough homes for our growing population, despite a rise in house building.

In North Herefordshire 91 new homes were built in 2013 and 82 have been built in the first half of 2014.

This is why I’m supporting the Homes for Britain campaign to call for more and better housing in areas where it is needed, as long as each development is appropriately sited and there is community support.”

The Homes for Britain campaign was launched by a group of housing organisations, from private developers to homelessness charities, calling on all political parties to deliver on housing for everyone.