Bill Wiggin MP has spoken of his delight after he was accused of being a ‘branch of the NFU’.

Anne Main MP made the comment when Bill Wiggin MP intervened during a Westminster Hall debate on the Badger Culls on Tuesday November 4.

“Bill Wiggin: Will my hon. Friend give way?

Mrs Main: I certainly shall give way to the branch of the NFU that is my hon. Friend.

Bill Wiggin: I am most grateful for that tremendous compliment.”

Bill with North Herefordshire NFU in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 26 November
Bill with North Herefordshire NFU in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 26 November 2013

After the debate Oliver Cartwright, NFU spokesman, said: “Bovine tuberculosis is out of control and is one of the largest threats currently facing beef and dairy farmers in Herefordshire.

Our farmers, whose animals and businesses are subjected to the ravages of this disease will be pleased to see MPs like Bill Wiggin standing up for them in Parliament on what is a very difficult and emotive issue.

Farming is of vital importance to the county’s social and economic fabric and TB has a devastating impact on communities, dairy and livestock farming businesses, on cattle forced into testing regimes every 60 days, and on badgers that also carry bovine TB.

The whole TB debate should not be about blaming badgers or farmers; the disease is the villain and this is what needs to be dealt with plain and simple.

We back all the measures available to get a grip on this disease and welcome the support from our politicians.”

Bill Wiggin MP’s efforts for the countryside were noticed in 2008 when as MP for Leominster he took home the ‘Rural Oscar’ or The Westminster Award for ‘bringing the countryside to Parliament’ at the Countryside Alliance Awards.

Bill Wiggin MP said: “As you can see from my reaction during the debate, I was delighted with Anne Main’s comment.

I work very hard in Parliament to ensure that the farmers in North Herefordshire and the countryside itself is not forgotten and I was very pleased that Anne Main MP has recognised by efforts.

I will of course continue to work for the betterment of the beautiful countryside in North Herefordshire.”

For the full transcript of the debate please see the following link.