Bill Wiggin MP welcomed the announcement of £11.523 million of new funding in Herefordshire – which will mean more money to tackle potholes and improve roads in North Herefordshire.

This is part of £60.149 million of funding allocated for roads maintenance in Herefordshire up to 2020/21 – the first time councils have had certainty over funding for this length of time. This will mean they can plan ahead and spend more efficiently and effectively.

Overall, £976 million a year will be invested in roads maintenance in England – enough to fix around 18 million potholes across the country.

Bill Wiggin MP said: “We all know potholes and poorly maintained roads are a menace, particularly in the Winter months, so this is great news for everybody who relies on the roads in North Herefordshire.

“£11.523 million funding – part of a £60.149 million package for maintenance over the next six years – will go a long way to dealing with the problems we face on our roads.

“Investing in Britain’s roads and infrastructure is a key part of the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan to secure a better future for Britain – and it’s only possible because we’ve taken the difficult decisions to cut ineffective spending elsewhere. By fixing our roads we are backing local businesses, and making life that bit easier for the hardworking people in North Herefordshire who use them to get around.”