Bill Wiggin MP visited Kington Medical Practice on Friday 23 January to meet with doctors and the Practice Manager.

While in Kington Mr Wiggin also met with County Councillor Roger Philips and separately with Kington Town Council Deputy Mayor Bob Widdowson

Bill Wiggin MP said: “Kington Medical Practice is the most fantastic facility, the mortgage for the Practice is picked up by the NHS.

However my constituents want to know that if they visit the Practice they are going to receive first class medical care and they worry about the length of time for appointments.

I was delighted to visit the Practice on Friday and meet with Dr Murphy, Dr Derbyshire and Practice Manager Jacqueline Rudge who explained to me some of the challenges the Practice faces, none of which are insurmountable if we can get more GPs to work in Kington.

I understand there are now two nurse practitioners and some locum doctors, so patients are getting top quality care but there is still action we can take to make Kington more accessible.

I am now looking forward to working with Kington Town Council and other Town and Parish Councils between Kington and Leominster to try to get a bus service, similar to the one run by Fownhope Parish Council, so that patients can get to and from their appointments on time.

Everyone will appreciate that doctors don’t have unlimited time, and with the challenges of local transport patients will need to keep to their appointment times.

I’m also hoping that telemedicine can be used to link doctors with their patients in places like care homes.

In my discussions with NHS England there is a great deal of support for the Kington Practice, but I believe we all play a role in talking up Kington as a great practice and a great place to work so that GPs who are considering moving to our area will not be put off, as I know this is a tremendously warm and welcoming community – we just need to make sure that everyone else knows it too.

I shall continue to support improvements in medical and management services at Kington Medical Practice in my discussions with NHS England and I shall raise the subject of the GP shortage with the Government.

I am positive both better transport links and the shortage of GPs at Kington will be put right soon.

The NHS have made it clear that under no circumstances are the people of Kington to lose their GP cover.”