Local newspapers and press regulation were the order of the day on Thursday, June 11, when Bill Wiggin MP met with Niall Duffy of the Independent Press Standards Organisation to discuss how the new body would work following the Royal Charter.

Bill with Niall Duffy of IPSO
Bill with Niall Duffy of IPSO

Bill Wiggin MP said: “Like many of my constituents I paid close attention to the Leveson Inquiry and I was appalled by evidence I heard regarding the Milly Dowler case.

Following the publication of the Leveson Report I have continued to monitor developments both in and outside of Parliament.

There has been much discussion about press regulation since the Leveson Inquiry, with groups such as Hacked Off pushing for closer regulation of newspapers.

IPSO covers local papers as well as the daily and national publications and must be far more robust than the old press complaints commission.

We need to be able to trust our media and that is still a problem as people are now choosing to read news on line rather than in print.

It was very useful to meet with the Independent Press Standards Organisation and discuss the challenges of press regulation.

I am conscious that IPSO is a new regulator and therefore they will need to be given time to prove themselves.

However given the power and influence wielded by newspapers I will be keeping a close eye on IPSO.

I left them in no doubt that I will be holding their feet to the fire to ensure they put the reader rather than the publication at the heart of their work.”