Bill Wiggin MP was given a star on Guide Dogs’ pavement parking Walk of Fame for supporting the charity’s campaign to stop cars parking on pavements.

Bill Wiggin MP for North Herefordshire supported Guide Dogs’ campaign in Parliament on Wednesday June 10 to highlight the problems faced daily by guide dog owners who are being forced to walk into the road to avoid cars blocking their path.

The charity wants people living with sight loss to feel confident and independent when they are out and about, and believes that vehicles parked on pavements put people living with sight loss in danger.

In London pavement parking is already an offence, but the rules in the rest of the country are complex and patchy, leaving drivers uncertain of where they can and cannot park.

Guide Dogs is calling for the introduction of comprehensive laws across the UK, which will outlaw pavement parking, but allow local councils to grant an exemption in areas where pavement parking is unavoidable.

Bill with Guide Dogs 10.6.15

Bill Wiggin MP said: “I am pleased to support Guide Dogs’ campaign. It is important to ensure the blind and partially sighted are not being put at risk by inconsiderate parking on pavements.

I was shocked at the event to hear from one guide dog owner who had even considered giving up their guide dog because of the constant obstructions he faced when out and about.”

James White, Campaigns Manager for Guide Dogs, said: “Cars parked on pavements blight the lives of people living with sight loss and other vulnerable road users including wheelchair users and parents with buggies or prams.

“Imagine how frightening it must be to step out into a busy road when you can’t see on-coming traffic, or you have your young child with you. We want to stop people from being forced into the road and we call on all parties to support a new law on pavement parking.”