Bill Wiggin MP has received notice from the Government that plans are afoot for Birdlip Hill.

Bill Wiggin MP for North Herefordshire asked a Written Question of the Department for Transport to discover what plans the Government had to improve safety on the A417 at Birdlip Hill.

Mr Wiggin said: “I am very pleased we are now making progress on Birdlip Hill.

This is a very important junction and commuting route for many of my constituents and it has long needed the focus of the Government.

I welcome the detail released by the Government and I look forward to watching this matter progress for the benefit of all in Herefordshire.”


In his response to Mr Wiggin, Andrew Jones MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport, said: “As part of the Autumn Statement 2014 and the Roads Investment Strategy for 2015-2020, the ‘A417 Missing Link’ has been included as an improvement scheme for the South West. During this Road Period Highways England (HE) is preparing this scheme ready for delivery in the next Road Period, 2020-2025. The scheme will be designed to remove the congestion and safety problems between Cowley Roundabout and Crickley Hill.

The scheme is currently nearing the end of the pre-options stage. To date HE has investigated the viability of scheme solutions. This included engaging consultants to review the traffic modelling for the area and to assess the environmental and economic impacts and constraints. The benefits and risks of the various options have been captured and cost estimates for the options prepared. Highways England have been working closely with key stakeholders on the options including Gloucestershire County Council, Cotswold Conservation Board and the Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership. At this stage a number of potential solutions are still under analysis and the next stage is formal options identification.”