Bill Wiggin MP stood up in the House of Commons to argue for Listed Building planning reform.

Bill Wiggin MP, for North Herefordshire, presented a 10 Minute Rule Bill in Parliament on Tuesday 3 November, to make it easier for energy saving changes to be made to Listed Buildings and structures within the curtilage of Listed Buildings.

Bill Wiggin MP said: “I want to protect Britain’s historic buildings, but Listed status too often inhibits sensible energy saving and environmentally friendly measures.

As of March 2015 in England there were approximately 376,099 listed building entries, 92% of which were Grade II.

In my North Herefordshire constituency there are 4150 listed buildings, 88% of which are Grade II.

My contention is that Grade II Listed status should not extend to include structures within the curtilage and should instead protect that which is detailed in the Listing entry.

This would prevent the current situation whereby unattractive structures such as corrugated metal cowsheds in the grounds of protected buildings become protected features.

I feel by slightly altering the rules we would enable owners to make important energy saving changes whilst appropriately protecting our historic buildings.”