The once in a generation Referendum on Britain’s EU membership is nearly upon us.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I feel a vote to Leave is the right choice for Britain.

The EU is quickly becoming a European State, where Britain must adhere to laws, directives and rules that we have not voted for. We are currently tethered to a political union with no democratic accountability.

If we Vote Leave, we can restore power over British laws, borders and trade.

We are more than capable of making our own decisions and do not need unelected European Commissioners to tell us what to do.

A vote to leave would mean putting a stop to the current out of control immigration system that means an open door to EU members while blocking people who could contribute to the UK coming from non-EU countries.

‘Deliberate’ use of the NHS—use by those who come here specifically to receive free treatment or who come for other reasons but take advantage of the system when they’re here—is hard to quantify. It’s thought to be very roughly between £110 million and £280 million a year.

‘Normal’ use of the NHS—by foreign visitors who’ve ended up being treated while in England—is estimated to cost about £1.8 billion a year.

The majority of these costs aren’t currently charged for. Only about £500 million is thought to be recoverable or chargeable at the moment.

If we vote to leave the EU, we can take back control of our borders, and help the funding crisis that has gripped our health service.

If we vote to leave, we regain our seats on international institutions like the World Trade Organisation so we are a more influential force for free trade and international cooperation.

British businesses should trade freely with the EU because as net importers, we buy more than we sell to Europe so it is not in their interest to push us away commercially.

Countries such as Switzerland and Norway trade with the EU without accepting the supremacy of EU law. There is no reason why we cannot have an even better relationship although it would not be identical.

Farmers are all too familiar with risk, and will understand the decision they make on 23rd June is a risk whether we remain or leave the EU. Leaving the EU will benefit our farmers economically and allow the UK to regain national sovereignty.

Farm incomes are a particular concern as 55% of farm incomes come from CAP subsidy and 45% of the EU budget is spent on agriculture.

Of the 72 times the UK tried to block EU legislation, it failed 72 times. Bringing sovereignty back to the UK national and local governments allows for more specific and appropriate regulation of agriculture.


Farming is important. Affordable, healthy and quality food is vital to voters and therefore to good government. Why would any democracy damage that? Switzerland and Norway give their farmers more money than the EU does.

Our net contribution to the EU is approximately £10 billion per year. If we were outside the EU we could return modulation to farmers and possibly increase support by using the money we would save.

It is clear that leaving the EU would lead to greater Government support for British agriculture, and yields, and so profits, will be higher. This will lead to the need for more employees, increasing rural employment and helping the agriculture sector to flourish. We want a better deal for our farmers. We have the most efficient farmers in Europe: let’s allow them to flourish by voting Leave on 23rd June.


It is important to note that the Eurozone has severe economic problems. It has low growth, high levels of debt and high unemployment. If we stay in the EU we will foot the bill for the Eurozone’s failings. Because we have a successful economy, the EU budget will demand more and more from us, effectively penalising us for our relative success.

Under EU law, the UK will be liable for Eurozone bailouts. The EU have spending commitments totalling 217 billion Euros, of which the UK will have to provide 27 billion Euros. The EU’s unpaid obligations threaten to leave the UK with an £2.4 billion bill after the referendum.

We have seen tax payer’s money being used for scare mongering and the constant doing down of the U.K economy, which is a far greater risk to our prosperity than voting to leave the E.U. We are the fifth largest economy in the world and we need to be positive about our future whatever we choose to do in Europe.

Whilst I have been forthright with my views in this debate, I have willingly listened to views from those on all sides. This is a decision for all of us individually.

I encourage anyone who can vote in this Referendum to do so to ensure you have your say in our countries future.


Best Wishes


Bill Wiggin MP