Bill Wiggin, MP for North Herefordshire, yesterday gave his backing to UK farmers in an opposition day debate on Leaving the EU: the Rural Economy.

Bill Wiggin MP gave a speech during the House of Commons debate and stated that:

“The assumption made in the motion that Brexit is something for farmers to be scared of is far too pessimistic. There are risks, but there are also opportunities.”

Mr Wiggin owns a small farm in his North Herefordshire constituency where he raises cattle, and stressed in his speech that while the European Union has, for many years, subsidised farms under the Common Agricultural Policy…“We have seen our farmers fall from pole position, and we are now behind some of our European partners in respect of profitability and innovation. Leaving the EU, and thus ending the common agricultural policy, should therefore not be a cause for concern in itself.”

Bill Wiggin MP was bullish about the prospects of Farmers in the wake of Brexit, saying:

“Now we are able to create a uniquely helpful agricultural policy for our farmers, prioritising the goals that we most want to achieve. It is important that we have an agricultural policy that works for our farmers, for we need their contributions, but it must also work for voters, the environment and all of us who need a healthy diet. That is particularly true as the NHS faces pressure from type 2 diabetes and other diet and exercise-related illnesses.”

In his closing remarks, Bill Wiggin MP spoke in support of the Government’s Brexit negotiating strategy, saying:

“I have placed on the record in this House multiple times the eminently sensible and straightforward position that this country stands to gain nothing from the Government setting out our negotiating position before the negotiations commence. The EU negotiators would gain the upper hand.”