Bill Wiggin MP today expressed his delight at the news that the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, will be bringing forward legislation to increase the maximum prison sentence given to those who are cruel to animals.

Bill has long campaigned for increased animal cruelty sentences, and indeed put forward proposals to increase the sentences, which previously stood at a maximum of only 6 months, under the last Labour government. These proposals were voted down by the Labour government, and Mr Wiggin today said, “I am delighted that the Conservative Party has acted upon this campaign, which I have been heavily involved in for the last decade, to increase the sentences for those who are unimaginably cruel to animals”.

This policy announcement comes off the back of a question Bill asked to the Prime Minister at PMQs earlier this year, bringing up the plight of the animals who were violently abused by their owners, who were rarely sufficiently punished for their cruelty.

Bill will continue to support this proposal as it makes its way through Parliament, and is looking forward to increasing the sentencing power available to our judges, so that those who commit disgusting and depraved acts of cruelty to animals in their care can be rightfully locked up.