Bill Wiggin, MP for North Herefordshire, has today welcomed figures that show unemployment remains at a record low.

The latest figures show employment at 32.08 million, a rise of 325,000 from last year and a rise of 3 million since 2010. The employment rate stands at 75.1 per cent, a figure close to record highs.

Unemployment stands at 1.42 million; a fall of 182,000 from this time last year and over 1 million since 2010.

Furthermore, youth unemployment has fallen by 416,000 since 2010, there are almost 3.5 million disabled people in employment (a rise of 600,000 in the last four years) and the rate of women in work is 70.8 per cent – close to a record high.

In Bill Wiggin MP’s North Herefordshire constituency, the total number of unemployed claimants in November 2017 was 455.

This represents a rate of 1.1% of the economically active population aged 16-64, the 549th lowest of the 650 UK constituencies. (1st = highest claimant rate, 650th = lowest claimant rate.)

The equivalent UK claimant rate was 2.5%. The UK unemployment rate, which includes people not claiming benefits and is estimated from survey data, was 4.3% between August and October 2017.

The number of claimants in North Herefordshire constituency is 60 lower than November 2016 and 10 lower than October 2017.

Commenting on these latest figures, Bill Wiggin MP said:

“I welcome these figures that show that, under this Conservative Government, unemployment continues to fall both in my North Herefordshire constituency and across the UK, meaning more people are in work, taking home a pay packet and are able to provide for their families.

Youth unemployment continues to fall and over a quarter of million more young people have the security of a job than this time last year.

It is worth noting that no Labour Government has ever left office with unemployment lower than when it started. However, under the Conservatives, we continue to see record low levels of unemployment.

Labour would put all of this at risk – with more debt, higher taxes, fewer jobs – and ordinary working people paying the price.”