I fully support the Prime Minister in her decisive action following the despicable use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime against its own people in Douma. The co-ordinated and precise attacks, supported by our Allies in the USA and France, send a strong message that the continuous abhorrent use of chemical weapons will not go unchallenged.

As the Prime Minister has stated, this was not an intervention in the ongoing Syrian Civil War which has caused immeasurable suffering, but rather a clear and proportionate reaction to the crimes against humanity committed by the Assad regime. The airstrikes were precise, targeted and had a clear objective; to degrade the capabilities and deter the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime.

I firmly believe that the use of chemical weapons cannot go unchallenged, and tolerated in conflict through wilful inaction. We cannot turn a blind eye to these reprehensible acts, whether on the streets of Salisbury or in Eastern Ghouta. These barbaric acts contravene all international laws and conventions. We must hold the Assad regime accountable to the rule of law.

This action, taken by the Prime Minister is not only in the national interest but also part of our wider duty to react to and prevent further humanitarian suffering. I fully support her actions, and her right to take those actions as Prime Minister.