Bill Wiggin, MP for North Herefordshire, is backing farming that is better for animals, people and the environment ahead of the forthcoming Agriculture Bill.

Last week Bill Wiggin MP joined with farmers and NGOs to celebrate sustainable farming across the UK at a Farmers’ Market event in Parliament, organised by the environmental coalitions Wildlife and Countryside Link and Greener UK. The coalitions include organisations such as RSPB, Pasture for Life, National Trust, WWF and RSPCA.

The event comes just before the forthcoming Agriculture Bill is expected to be introduced to the House of Commons and was well-attended with cross-party support from more than 60 MPs and Peers. It showcased nature friendly UK farming produce, explored the reasons why it is essential for the environment to thrive if farming is to do the same, and demonstrated consensus on the need for a strong Agriculture Bill which enables us to use public money to both help farmers and enhance and protect the environment.

Bill Wiggin MP, said: ‘The environment, plants, wildlife and farming are inextricably linked. Farming must be profitable and can be more successful with the natural resources it relies on. Nature is dependent on the stewardship of farmers, who care for so much of our treasured British landscape. Our environment and our farmers need our support, and that’s why I’m excited by an Agriculture Bill that will allow them to work in harmony and enable both to survive and thrive.’