Bill Wiggin MP has today welcomed the Government’s introduction of the Agriculture Bill to the House of Commons, as he attended an event to show his support for British farming at Back British Farming Day in Westminster, recognising the crucial role farmers play in producing food and caring for the countryside.

Farming is the bedrock of the UK’s largest manufacturing sector – food and drink – which contributes over £110 billion to the economy and employs 3.8 million people.

Bill Wiggin MP said: “I am immensely proud to wear the Back British Farming pin badge today in support of a sector that is so valuable to the country. Our farmers play a unique role in securing a plentiful supply of fabulous British food, looking after our iconic countryside and sustaining a dynamic rural economy.

Food production is a vital part of everyday life and impacts on us all. I would encourage all MPs and members of the pubic to get behind this important campaign and Back British Farming.”

Speaking after the event Mr Wiggin offered his reaction to the Government’s Agriculture Bill:

“I very much welcome the Government’s Agriculture Bill, which will reward farmers properly at last for the work they do to enhance the environment around us. It recognises the value farmers bring as food producers. It will help them grow more high quality food in a more sustainable way – and it will ensure public money is spent more efficiently and effectively. Powers will be returned to the UK Parliament to amend the CAP regulations, so that as we move away from them, we can set the rules that work for our farmers, strip out unnecessary bureaucracy and provide the certainty and smooth transition the industry needs.

The decisions made in Parliament over the coming months are critical to the future of British food production. As one of the sectors that will be most affected by Britain’s departure from the EU, it is important that we as politicians create the right regulatory environment to ensure our farmers can continue to provide safe and affordable food for the nation.”