Brexit Update: 19.02.19

Very few people, myself included, have changed their views on Brexit.

The last meaningful vote which concluded that we should leave with a deal but that we should remove the backstop was a good summary of my own position and showed the compromises we have made necessary for progress. That too has not changed.

I hope that you understand why I cannot support the backstop because it has two effects.

  1. It makes it harder to negotiate a good trade deal as the backstop hangs over our negotiating team as a threat.
  2. It is harder to leave the backstop agreement than the EU itself.

The decision to remove the backstop now lies with the EU.  The ball is firmly in their court.

The Prime Minister has done all she can to make it clear to the EU that we can agree on this but if they will not alter their stance then I expect that we shall leave without a deal.

If this occurs we should return to negotiate a trade deal after the 29th March. We are not able to do this until after we leave and become what is known as a third Country.

The people voted to leave irrespective of the consequences and I still believe that the people should expect us to deliver on that very clear referendum question.

I am not afraid of leaving on World Trade Organisation terms as we have seen our trade grow outside the EU while diminishing within the EU. However, I also accept that we would prefer to leave with a sensible deal with our EU neighbours that was beneficial to all people in both the UK and Europe.

Last week though I was in too much pain and therefore unable to vote.

I was “nodded through” which meant that the Government secured my vote for the entire day.

Even so, the Government was defeated.

I will be moving my 10 Minute Rule Motion this week from my wheel chair.

Hopefully I will be fully repaired soon.

Best wishes