I shall be voting for the Prime Minister’s deal today.

Even though I would prefer a clean global Brexit under WTO terms, I am supporting her because there is no majority in the House of Commons for a WTO departure.

The indicative votes last week showed that there were only 160 in favour and 400 against WTO, while the vote for a second referendum was only 268 for and 295 against.

The votes for a customs union were far closer at 264 in favour and 272 against.

If we do not get the deal through today then I expect the majority of remainer MPs to vote for a customs union which keeps us in the EU.

That is the mathematical reality that I am forced to deal with and that is why I am supporting the PMs deal which is far from perfect but gets us out of the EU on 22 May.

I promised to vote to get us out of the EU and I am doing all I can to honour that promise.

Best wishes