Brexit update 05/04/19

On Wednesday, remainer MPs won the vote to allow the House to legally stop a no deal Brexit and to ask for an extension to Article 50.

This morning, Theresa May has written to the European Union to request a further delay to Brexit until 30 June.

A senior EU source claims that Donald Tusk will propose a 12-month “flexible” extension to Brexit next week, with the option of cutting it short, if the UK Parliament ratifies a deal.

The third recent development is that the Government is trying to get its deal through with Labour votes.

It is very unlikely to succeed as the Labour party have been playing politics with this subject for a long time and are likely to exploit it in an attempt to force a General Election.

Their success in forcing an imminent General Election is remote. However, it is possible that Labour will exact unpleasant demands on the Prime Minister and blame the outcome on her.

The likely outcome is that we will still leave, maybe with a Customs Union arrangement.

The critical element is the European Communities Act (ECA) 1972, which currently gives EU law supremacy over UK national law.

At the point at which Britain repeals ECA 1972, Britain will have left the European Union and will continue to distance itself from the EU.

EU legislation in place in the UK under ECA 1972 would cease to have effect, and the UK would be free to determine the transfer of relevant EU law onto the British legal system.

So while this week looks bleak, all is not lost and once ECA 1972 has been repealed the rest will follow.

The House has cancelled next week’s Recess in order to schedule further debate before 12 April, and I will continue to do all I can to honour the majority of my constituents’ views.

Best wishes

Bill Wiggin MP