Last week, Bill Wiggin MP met with his constituents in the Houses of Parliament at the UK’s biggest climate change and environment mass lobby, ‘The Time Is Now’.

Climate change activists from North Herefordshire travelled to Westminster to talk to Mr Wiggin about their concerns. Key issues raised included the scope and urgency of climate change, how best to use the influential position of the UK as a global leader in tackling climate change, and how technology plays an increasingly central role in encouraging greener lifestyle choices.

Commenting after the session Bill Wiggin MP said:

“I am always delighted to meet with my constituents when they come to Westminster. It was excellent to arrange a proper meeting so that I could listen to the caring environmentalists from North Herefordshire taking part in the mass lobby.

“Climate change is a key and complex issue which concerns diverse areas of Government. While some residents of North Herefordshire would like to see the UK increase its ambition on climate change, this remains a global challenge for the sake of our planet .

“Tackling climate change is not just about legislation. It is about balancing long-term economic growth with ambitious environmental commitments so that other countries follow our lead. It is about how to bring people with us as a lifestyle change, and I think technology will be an integral part of this solution.

“The Government are taking these urgent changes very seriously in the new 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment, which focuses particularly on conservation, reducing plastic waste, and improving air and water quality.

“Also the Government recently announced its new goal for the UK to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To meet this target, Government departments are working to dramatically increase the use of cleaner and renewable energy.

“I am encouraged that low Carbon electricity generation is already at a record high and now accounts for over 52% or our electricity. UK Greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 23% since 2010, whilst 2018 was the greenest year ever for electricity.

“As a First World country, the UK is in a privileged position to pave the way in combatting climate change. I welcome The International Climate Fund set up to provide £5.8 billion to help the world’s poorest adapt to climate change and promote cleaner, greener economic growth.

“I am proud of these achievements but I do welcome my constituent’s calls for further action. This was a very constructive meeting and I will continue to enjoy engaging with lobbyists and my constituents going forward.”

Today, the Government publishes its new Green Finance Strategy to set out how the financial services industry can combat climate change.

This strategy will include a £5 million fund to offer better mortgage rates to homeowners who improve the energy efficiency of their properties, and will set out plans to strengthen co-operation between public and private sectors so that London is established as an international centre for green finance.

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